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Store Manager:  The Nature Store is very important, both for the money it brings in, and for the service it offers our visitors. It’s a big job, but the manager doesn’t need to do it all alone, just oversee everything. Some of the assisting jobs are listed below. The treasurer and store manager work together to keep everything organized and running smoothly. Some of the work can be done from your home. We currently use Intuit QuickBooks Point of Sale System, but are considering changing. As stated above, the store manager and treasurer will be the ones most affected, so will play the major roles in making that decision. The position will begin in January. The treasurer has agreed to help anyone not experienced with the current system, and that orientation could start any time.


Inventory Assistant: Help the manager with preparing purchase orders, ordering, logging in merchandise, pricing, etc. A great deal of this is computerized, so you do need to be comfortable with the technology. Some of the work can be done from home, using your computer and a remote connection.  


Scheduling Assistant: Help recruit and schedule volunteer cashiers to work in the store. We would love to have the store open all the times the refuge visitor center is open, but that is dependent on having volunteers. Scheduling should be coordinated with the refuge Visitor Services Manager, so the ability to use and share through Google Calendar, or an online signup, would be ideal, but it isn’t crucial.


Cashiers: The normal store hours are 9:00 – 4:00, which are the same hours the visitor center is open. Your main job is to help visitors, either with merchandise, or by answering questions. If you are interested, you might also be trained to work the front desk in the visitor center. During the off season, one person can actually do both jobs.


To help with any of the above, or for more information, please contact info@friendsofaransas.org  



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